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Is Your Property Attracting Pests?

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There was a time when homeowners would only call a pest professional when their happy abode was already infested with a ton of insects or rodents, because who wants to whine about a couple bugs? We're tougher than that. Right? But we all have our tolerance threshold. We can deal with a few flies, a mouse or two, and the occasional spider web in the corner of the living room, but when bugs are climbing in the flour, scaling the walls, and leaving their droppings in the worst places imaginable, that was when it was time to pick up the phone and call the pest people.

But things are changing. Pest management has come a long way, and homeowners are learning that they can call "before" they're living in the misery of an infestation. Who would have thunk?

Now, professionals and homeowners work together to make homes an unattractive place for bugs to be in or around. This keeps the bugs out in nature, where they belong.

Here's what you can do to keep the bugs away:

  • Keep wood piles away from the house.

  • Keep dead leaves picked up.

  • Don't leave construction material or debris around your yard.

  • Pick up kids toys.

  • Keep trash in sealed containers.

  • Don't leave plates or cups out, especially with food on them, or liquids in them.

  • If you put pet food out, leave it for a short time, and then pick it up.

  • Don't leave puddles. Put gravel in wet spots, and under places where moist dirt is.

  • Change your bulbs from white to yellow, or keep them turned off, if possible.

Bugs come for food and water. They love moist shady places. And they love anything that is rotting. Keep the food sources sealed up or cleaned up. And don't give those bugs a place to lay their eggs, like: old tires, cinder blocks, moist dirt in a shaded place, and abandoned toys. If you follow these common-sense practices, and get a professional to do a targeted spray of pesticide on your exterior walls, you'll be able to stop those infestations before they bring the pain and misery. Don't live in the past. Start living bug free today.

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