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Mosquito Bites Can Transmit West Nile Virus

Is Your Backyard Host To A Dangerous Pest?

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There may have been a time in history when mosquitoes were thought of as merely a nuisance pest; the buzzing, the biting, the swarming by the thousands….Unfortunately, history has changed and mosquitoes are much more than annoying, they can be extremely hazardous, especially to your health.  John Cooksey, Chief Entomologist for McCall Service, a longtime pest control company serving all of Northern Florida, including Gainesville, Tampa and Ocala, says, “There have been eight cases of West Nile Virus just in the local area, with meningitis and encephalitis, and sadly one victim of the disease has passed away. Residents need to be proactive to protect themselves and their family.”  McCall Service would like to remind homeowners that as summer winds down, mosquitoes are still hungry and offer some tips that will help protect your family from mosquito bites as you spend time outdoors.

Prevent Dangerous Mosquito Bites

  • Cover up!  Wear long sleeves, pants and shoes, if temperatures permit

  • Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing to keep cool

  • Try and schedule events for non-peak mosquito hours, avoiding dawn, dusk and early evening

  • Apply an insect repellent with EPA-registered active ingredients and do so often

You can also help reduce the number of mosquitoes in your backyard by eliminating any sources of water.  Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, which may include:

  • Children’s wading pools

  • Bird bathes

  • Flower pots

  • Buckets or sand pails

  • Old tires or other yard debris

Florida officials have a heightened concern that more cases of West Nile will be reported in the coming weeks, so it is never too late to implement these common sense tips.  Also, rest assured that not every mosquito bite will result in developing West Nile Virus, but if you are bitten by an infected mosquito, symptoms of West Nile Virus may include headache, fever, skin rash, exhaustion and nausea.  These symptoms generally appear 3 to 14 days after the initial bite and immediate medical attention should be sought if you experience any of these symptoms.

Unfortunately, unlike other pests, mosquitoes are impossible to fully eliminate.  Instead the focus must remain on reducing their numbers and preventing bites.  If all of your best efforts to eliminate mosquito breeding sites on your own are not enough to keep them out of your backyard, McCall Service is ready to help.  We offer residential mosquito remediation, which identifies potential mosquito breeding areas in your backyard and then our professionals will apply treatments for larvae to those sites and a residual insecticide to prevent future mosquito problems.  This process is repeated monthly through October so there is still time to protect your family from mosquito bites and West Nile Virus.  For more information on our mosquito remediation services, please contact us today!

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