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Is There A Conspiracy Going On In Your Lawn?

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We're going to put our tin foil hats on for a minute and pretend that pests actually have a clue that you even exist. We're going to imagine that they have met in the secret chambers of logs and under the protection of rocks to discuss how they might work together to destroy your lawn, and that they are aware of the things that can prevent them from accomplishing their nefarious goals. Do you have your tin foil hat on? Here comes the "unofficial" title of our blog:

Two Things Lawn Pests Don't Want You To Know

That's right. If they could actually figure out what makes a lawn drive them away or kill them off, they would not want you to know what we are about to tell you. There are two ways to make 100% sure that your lawn is protected from bugs, wildlife, fungus, drought, over saturation, and a host of other harmful things. Are you ready? Lean into the screen--they might hear. The secret to protecting your lawn from bugs and other threats is: Learn how to be a lawn expert, or hire a lawn expert. Before you start thinking we're crazy, read on.

Maintaining a beautiful lawn is more than watering it and mowing it. Your lawn needs the right mixture of fertilizers. It needs to be protected from the wide variety of weeds that exist in Florida. It may need over seeding. It may need better shade in some areas and more sunlight in others. When drought comes, your soil needs to hold its moisture. When heavy rains come, your lawn may need irrigation. Then, there are all those bugs. If you don't know which pesticides to use and how to administer them properly, you aren't going to get rid of those bugs. And, that's just what those bugs want.

You also need to understand which wildlife can affect your lawn, like gophers, moles, voles, etc. These creatures come to eat things like earthworms, which thrive in a healthy lawn. That's right, even a healthy lawn can be an attractant for lawn-damaging pests. That means that even if you figure out how to create the perfect conditions for a healthy vibrant lawn, pests can still come and destroy all your hard work.

Don't give those pests what they want. Learn as much as you can about nurturing and protecting your Florida lawn or let McCall Service help. We have years of experience making Florida lawns beautiful and a year-round lawn care program that will give your lawn what it needs--and what it doesn't need--in every season.

Those pests want you to fail--whoops, we still had our tin foil hats on. Those pests are going to encroach on your lawn. It's just what they are wired to do. Let them know, in no uncertain terms, your lawn is off limits with a call for year round protection from McCall.

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