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Hurricane Season And What It Means For Pests In Ocala

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The warning goes out. There is a new tropical storm brewing in the Atlantic. You check the internet and watch it develop. You hear about it in your car. It's on the television when you get home. You keep track of its path and the strength of those winds with one purpose: To make sure your family is safe. Then the unmentionable happens. The storm starts to track toward your town. You board the windows. You bring everything into the garage that could take flight. Once you are sure that your home and property are as safe as they can be, you pack the family in the vehicle and head north. The route is already planned out. You know exactly where to go to wait for the storm to pass. If you've lived in Florida for a while, you are familiar with this scenario. Hurricanes go hand in hand with living in the Sunshine State. But we've painted this image for a reason.

When the heavy rains come, we aren't the only ones displaced. Everything that lives in the ground is affected. Ant mounds are washed away, rodent holes are filled up; the water table pushes a whole host of pests out. Unlike you and your family, those pests don't plan on returning to their old homes. They have to look for a new one. This is why infestations increase during hurricane season. Pest bugs and animals leave their homes in search of a safe haven from the storms and also a place to be once the storms have passed. If you're not ready for them, your home could become their new home.

When the storm is on the way, pest control is certainly going to be the last thing on your mind. Now is the time to make pest preparations. Here are some quick steps you can take.

  • Examine your foundation for any gaps or cracks, and fill them in.

  • Be sure to seal gaps around pipes, outlets, air conditioning units, and windows.

  • Check all your weather stripping and door sweeps to be sure that they make a good seal.

  • Inspect your door and window screens, have holes patched or screens replaced.

  • Have a pest control company put a chemical barrier on your foundation to prevent pests from climbing up your walls in search of entry points you may have missed.

  • Trim tree branches back from your roofline so that wildlife can't use them as bridges to get to your vulnerable roofline.

  • Put wire mesh at the bottom of downspouts so wildlife can't use them to get up your walls.

Preparation is the key to keeping bugs and wildlife from using your home as a storm shelter and from setting up permanent residence. This is hurricane season; the storms are going to come. There isn't a lot we can do about that. But we can prevent the frustration of after-storm pests. Before you make your home storm-proof, consider making it pest-proof, and seal those pests out. If pests do show up after a storm contact McCall Services for fast, friendly and reliable service.

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