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stinging insect in a nest in ocala florida

How To Prevent Stinging Insects On Your Ocala Property

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Paper wasps, hornets and yellow jackets can all be a problem for your Ocala property. Coating yourself in insect repellent will not repel these problematic pests, but there are a few prevention measures you can take to help keep your property stinging insect free this summer. McCall Service, an Ocala pest control company, would like to offer you a few helpful pest prevention tips so that you may avoid the frustration and possible problems that can come with stinging insects nesting on your property. These tips include:

  1. Fill in holes in the ground and remove tree stumps from your property. Some stinging insects like to nest in ground burrows or hollow tree stumps, so removing these nesting locations can prevent them from nesting on your property.

  2. Avoid planting colorful flowers and plants on your property. These insects are often attracted to your property by bright colors and they will feed on the nectar of these flowers. If brightly colored flowers aren’t around, that is one less thing that will attract them to your yard.

  3. Don’t wear brightly colored clothing or floral perfumes or lotions when you know you will be spending time outdoors. These can attract stinging insects to your body, not just your property!

  4. Look out for hives and nests on your property regularly. These insects will build their nests in trees, under overhangs and along the underside of your roof. Check these areas regularly for signs of stinging insects and their nests. If you should find one, contact the pros at McCall Service and let the professionals take care of your wasp problems.

  5. If you are eating outdoors, keep your food under wraps and make sure to put any food or drinks back indoors when your picnic or BBQ is over. Stinging insects are attracted to sweet foods and so you must be careful that they don’t quietly land in your cup while you’re socializing!

These prevention tips may help prevent stinging insects from being attracted to you, your family and to your property. The only way to fully prevent these pests is to enlist the help of an Ocala pest control professional. With prompt and professional service, McCall will perform a thorough inspection of your home and the perimeter of your home to determine your specific pest problems. If we identify a stinging insect nest, we will carefully remove it to protect you and your family. You should never attempt to remove a stinging insect nest on your own. Even if you aren’t allergic to their sting, if they sting you multiple times, you can still have a bad reaction to these pests.

If you are experiencing wasp problems, or any other kind of stinging insect issue, contact McCall Service right away. Our professionals are trained and equipped to handle these pests and understand the dangers associated with them.

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