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pest proof your florida business with these tips

How To Pest Proof Your Tampa Business

In: Commercial Pest Control

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As a business owner there are many things to consider, including: your employees, your property, your services, your products and so much more! One area many business owners tend overlook is pest management. As with any potential pest problem, prevention is best! Here are a few tips to help keep your Tampa business pest free throughout the entire year:

  • Prohibit entrance of pests by following a consistent building maintenance plan.

  • Seal ALL cracks and holes on the outside of the building, including the areas around:

  • Pipe entrances

  • Electrical and utility service entrances

  • Ventilation and heating system entrances and exits

  • Windows and doors

  • Check and maintain all water drainage systems. Be sure to direct water away from the building and property.

  • Remove and prevent stagnant water that may have collected near the building as this is ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes and can lead to problems with termites.

  • Keep gutters and drainage systems clean from debris so that water flows rather than sits still.

  • Dispose of trash quickly and keep garbage bags sealed in air-tight trash receptacles.

  • Keep all common and high traffic areas clean by implementing a daily cleaning routine.

  • Any eating area must be kept clean of crumbs and trash, as well as sanitized to prevent the spread of any harmful bacteria or pathogens that pests like roaches, flies and rodents can carry.

  • Have all employees keep food stored, sealed and disposed of properly.

  • Sign up for a year round pest management program such as McCall’s commercial pest control program.

Don’t let the threat of pest infestations leave you worried about the image and reputation of your business. Put a stop to pests before they strike and sign up for Tampa pest control services today!

Our commercial pest control program is also offered in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Ocala, Gainesville, and surrounding Northern Florida communities.

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