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Florida Spider Control

How To Make Your Home Unwelcome To Spiders

In: Home Pest Control  |  Pest Prevention Tips

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Spiders should not be part of your holiday celebrations. You should not have to worry about cleaning up spider webs inside your property or running around trying to catch these arachnids- they should have no place inside your home. To make your home a spider-free zone, there are a few prevention measures you can take before the holiday season that don’t include the use of insecticide! Here are some great spider prevention tips from the professionals of pest control in Jacksonville at McCall Service.


Eliminate spiders in your home by reducing the populations of insects inside your home. You can do this by:


  1. Changing the exterior lighting around your home. Insects are attracted to white lights, so changing lighting to yellow or sodium vapor lighting can attract fewer insects to your home and in turn, fewer spiders.

  2. Keep your curtains or shades drawn at night so as to not attract insects and spiders to your windows. The warm glow of your TV and your indoor lights can also be attractive to pests looking to get indoors.

  3. Make sure that window and door screens are free from rips and snags and that they are securely attached. Apply weather stripping around doors and windows to close up any possible gaps around these areas that may be allowing Florida bugs or spiders inside.

  4. Eliminate piles of stone or clutter around your home’s foundation. These piles can attract insects and spiders to your home and act as good places for them to hide.

  5. Regularly vacuum your home. Make sure to vacuum areas that aren’t used a lot and remove Florida spiders and their webs whenever you see them.

  6. Damp basements and storage areas tend to attract spiders. Eliminate these damp environments with the use of vents and dehumidifiers.


If you have spiders in your Florida home that just won’t go away despite your best efforts, call in the professionals at McCall Services. We can help with spider identification and elimination, allowing you to enjoy the holiday season without being plagued by spiders around your home. Our residential pest control program is designed to protect your home and health and can eliminate many different pests from your home, including ants, roaches and rodents that are found in our region.


If you are looking for effective pest control to get rid of spiders in Florida, or you need help maintaining your lush lawn, the pros at McCall do it all! Give us a call today to schedule your first appointment and see why we’ve been the pest control company of choice in Gainesville, Jacksonville, Ocala, Tallahassee and Tampa for more than 85 years!


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