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How to Make Your Home As Uninviting to Rodents As Possible

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Prevention: It's the number-one component of effective pest control.

If you want to keep rodents out of your home, you must take preventative measures. Once the pests get inside, it's going to take even more effort to get rid of them. When it comes to rodent prevention and removal, McCall Service has you covered. The following tips can help your home stay rodent-free.

3 Rodent Prevention Methods You Must Try

Look Out for Hidden Points of Entry

Unlike invited guests, rodents don't usually come through the front door. They find other ways to get inside your home, like small cracks and crevices around the foundation. Some rodents, like roof rats, may enter through open vents or gaps along the eaves. Do an occasional inspection of your home to look for these entry points and block them with sealant to keep out an infestation.

Take Away Possible Food Sources

If rodents are able to find a continual food source, they won't leave your home anytime soon. In fact, they'll find a good spot for building a nest and breed a new generation of pesky pests to deal with. If don’t plan on inviting rodents to dinner, make sure to:

  • Put away any leftovers in sealed containers
  • Clean up after every meal, including giving your counters and tables a thorough wipe down
  • Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight
  • Transfer flour and other boxed goods to sealed containers
  • Keep lids on your indoor and outdoor garbage bins

Rodents will eat most anything, including discarded food in garbage bins. If you don't seal the bins, the odor will attract rodents and other pests. When you put the trash in the outdoor bin, make sure to keep a lid on it.

Don't forget about the indoor trash bins (especially those inside a garage or kitchen). It's also important to keep them sealed with a lid. Otherwise, the trash inside could lure rodents out of their hiding spots outside and bring them into your home.

Leave Rodent Removal to the Professionals

If you do discover rodents in your home, don’t panic. You don't have to deal with rodent removal by yourself. Because these pests carry diseases, it's best to leave the removal services to a professional. We'll inspect your home for rodents, eliminate the infestation, and use preventive techniques to keep them out for good. Contact McCall Service to schedule an inspection with our experienced pest control professionals.

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