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How To Keep Mosquitoes Away In Ocala

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In late March of 1513, Ponce de Leon, in search of gold and the mythical fountain of youth, came ashore on Florida's east coast and swatted the back of his neck and said, "What the heck just bit me?" Okay. Maybe I made that last part up. But it is easy to guess that that is exactly how it went down. Mosquitoes love Florida. The humidity, the flatness, and the swampy areas make Florida an attractive retirement destination, for mosquitoes. So what can you do about mosquitoes in Ocala? Are they an inevitable frustration? Or is there actually something you can do to stop this plague?

Mosquito protection.

Despite how you may feel sometimes, mosquitoes are not an inevitable fact of life--well, not entirely inevitable. You may not be able to keep them from feasting on your blood and leaving itchy red welts behind, but you can reduce the number of bites you get. And, it is actually a good idea to make the effort. Mosquitoes aren't just an irritant. They are also a transmitter of human spread pathogens. Much in the same way a drug addict can spread disease with a used hypodermic needle, mosquitoes spread disease when they feast on multiple hosts. For this reason they are directly connected to the spread of encephalitis, chikungunya, West Nile virus and other flu-like illnesses. Though there is no way to fully rid your property of mosquitoes you can significantly affect their populations around your home and reduce your chances of contracting these pathogens.

Modern technology.

Cutting edge pest management companies like McCall Service offer a mosquito solution for homes and businesses. Our expert technicians are educated in the detection and removal of breeding sites, and have the technology to arrest mosquito growth on a property. Granular larvicide is applied to areas of standing water, power micro-sprayers are used to treat areas where adult mosquitoes hide during the day and eggs are destroyed before they can hatch. With monthly visits, McCall Service can keep mosquitoes from setting up a foothold in your yard and keep your family safer.

If you're looking for mosquito control in Ocala, Florida, the pest experts at McCall Service can help. Living with mosquitoes may have been okay for Ponce de Leon and his crew, but in this modern age, there is no reason to live with swarms of mosquitoes. Tell those mosquitoes to stop exploring your yard, so you can start enjoying your summer barbecues.

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