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ants invading a Florida kitchen

How To Keep Ants Out Of Your Kitchen

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Ant problems in the summertime are not limited to the outdoors, as many homeowners can attest. These insects find their way into homes and businesses alike to search for food. They will find their way in either through your front door or a less obvious entry point, including through cracks in the foundation and tiny gaps around windows or window screens. Once inside, they begin their search for food. They’re looking for sweets, meats and basically anything that they can find and carry back to their colony. They have a large colony of ants depending on them for nourishment, so if they can find food in your home, they will take it! Once they’ve located something to eat, they will leave a pheromone trail behind to let other foraging ants in their colony know that your house is a good source of food. What can be done to keep these little pests out of your kitchen? Here are some helpful ant prevention tips from the McCall Service ant control experts:


1. First, locate where the ants are getting inside. Check all doors and windows for gaps, tiny tears or rips in the screen. Ants will use any gaps or cracks they can find, so close or caulk them up to eliminate possible entry points.

2. Remove the food sources that ants are looking for. They want sugar, sweets, crumbs, meat- anything you have lying around that isn’t protected. To keep your food away from ants, put items in your cupboard in plastic or glass containers with tight fitting lids and never leave food out on your counters. Put pet food away if your pet doesn’t finish it immediately, never leave dirty dishes in the sink and regularly sweep and mop your kitchen floors, paying close attention to areas around appliances.

3. Cut down on areas of high moisture. Ants need moisture to survive, so if your house is dry, there’s a good chance you won’t see ant invaders. You can eliminate moisture by running a dehumidifier in the damp area and checking to make sure your pipes are not leaking. Fix leaky or dripping faucets too!


Ant prevention is the first thing you should try to do if you have an ant problem, but once they’ve made their way into your home, they can be hard to evict! Ants like honey ants, pavement ants, pharaoh and Argentine ants may all be found inside your home, but getting rid of them is best left to the professionals. At McCall Services, we can help identify the ant species that is present in your home and offer solutions to eliminate the pests. When you choose year round services from McCall, we can help you identify areas that may be attracting ants in the first place and provide solutions to rectify these areas.

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