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mouse in ga

How To Eliminate Mice + 4 Mouse Prevention Tips

In: Savannah GA

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Do you have mice? Did they wake you up last night at two in the morning, bumping and scraping in the wall? Did you find some droppings in the back of your silverware drawer? Or maybe you found a chew hole in the flour bag. Those are the worst. That means those furry little buggers were in your cabinets. That's just nasty! They're like a walking petri dish. These are not the lovable pets you buy from the pet store. Wild mice slide their fur around in the nastiest places. Have you ever seen the inside of a dumpster? Mice don't just flip the lid up and pick out something gross to eat, they slide their body through it. Then, they squeeze into your home with three day old banana on their fur, and scramble over your plates. I'm sorry to have to put it that way, but if you have mice in your home, you have more to worry about than chew damage, and your cable television going out. Mice can be a serious health hazard.

Here are four ways you can keep those mice out

  1. Seal your home. Check to make sure all your screens are in good working order, even if you have checked them recently. Look for loose mortar on your foundation wall, and rotted areas on your exterior walls. Seal holes using steel wool, a board, or caulk. Cover your chimney and any vents with window grade screening. And install door sweeps and weather stripping. A mouse can get through a hole the side of a dime, so look closely.

  2. Don't give them something to eat. If mice get inside, don't give them a reason to stay. Use plastic containers to hold cereal, grain, flour, and sugar. Mice can eat through cardboard and grain bags. Keep your trash covered or sealed completely. And remove any water sources, like that drip you've been meaning to fix.

  3. Keep your attic, basement, and crawl spaces dry, clean, and free of clutter. Mice are looking for a home, don't give them a dark, moist, and dirty place to live.

  4. Keep wood piles and construction materials away from t he exterior walls of your home, so mice and rats don't come close enough to search for vulnerabilities in your exterior walls.

These common-sense measures will make your house less of a target for mice. If you currently have mice, or you're still getting mice, have a licensed pest professional do an inspection. They have the knowledge to safely and thoroughly remove this threat, and help you safeguarded against future infestation. This is not a pest you want to remove on your own. If not completely removed, they can continue to infect your dishes and your food sources, which can lead to unexplained health problems for you and your family. Don't take that risk. Get them removed professionally, today.

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