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ant on the edge of a kitchen sink in FL

How To Deal With Ants

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Do you have skills? For some of us, if we were to change the spark plugs in our car there is a good chance the car would blow up. It just isn't our gifting. For others, it is impossible to cook something without burning it. I know a young man who once burned water. Well, technically he burned the pan--and melted the handle off--but the water was definitely not cooked right. Needless to say, that young man has improved his cooking skills and can now scrambled eggs without setting the kitchen on fire. We all have things we're good at and our abilities come in varying degrees. We may be okay at trying to figure out why our computer is ticking, but outmatched when it comes to diagnosing why it keeps shutting off at exactly 3PM. We may be able to fix a plank on our fence and throw a coat of paint on it, but fixing the porch so the corner doesn't sink down twelve inches is an impossibility. When it comes to dealing with ants, we usually roll up our sleeves and give it our best shot, even though we don't really have the expertise to properly handle the task fully.

There is a problem with not being an expert. If you apply yourself to soldering the pipes in your basement, you could end up with a flooded basement. If you put screws in a kitchen chair, you may find yourself laying on the floor, surrounded by broken pieces. Doing things we are not trained to do comes with risk. That doesn't mean that you should never try to do anything yourself. It is just important to understand when it is safe to do it yourself and when it most definitely is not.

If you've noticed ants getting into your home, there are some things you may want to think about before you decide try and tackle this problem on your own.

  • What kind of ants do you have? If you're getting pest ants like fire ants, crazy ants or odorous house ants, you may be fine to do some things yourself. But if you have carpenter ants, it is necessary to get a professional pest controller involved. Carpenter ants can do significant damage to a house and eradicating them requires a specialized skill set.

  • If you have pest ants and only wish to keep them out of your kitchen and pantry there are some things you can do yourself. You can seal foods, clean foods up, fix leaks, remove standing water, spray ant trails to remove pheromones and seal any places where they are entering. These tips can keep ants out of your common areas.

  • If you have some carpentry skills, you can go around the exterior of your home and seal your basement, fix rotted areas and seal around pipes and other fixtures. This will help keep ants out.

If you have skills, you may have limited success keeping ants from getting into your home, but a pest professional has the education and experience to guarantee that your home is ant proof. If you're looking to get the job done right, find a pest company like McCall Service, that has on-staff entomologists, over 80 years of experience and the most advanced pest technology available. When they fix your ant problem, your ant problem is fixed.

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