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spider found in the home of a ocala resident

How To Ban Spiders From Your Ocala Home

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The list of spiders that would like to invade your Ocala home is surprisingly long. It includes the brown recluse, funnel web spider, jumping spider, orb weaver, sac spider, wolf spider, fishing spider, cellar spider, and crab spider. Most of the spiders on this list are considered nuisance pests--and generally icky. But brown recluse and yellow sac spiders are nothing to mess around with. These can create ulcerous wounds on your skin and in your flesh, leaving permanent scarring. Thankfully, with modern exclusion methods, you can keep all these spiders out of your house before you have to call an Ocala exterminator--or worse, an ambulance.

Tip1: Don't keep clutter in your yard.

Spiders crawl around in and leave their eggs in clutter. If you have an old piece of furniture, an appliance, a tire, construction materials, a cinder block, a junk car (or anything else) laying around in your backyard, you'll draw spiders.

Tip 2: Dry up the moisture.

Though spiders do fine in a dry area, they prefer to lay their eggs in nice moist places. Any nook with some moist soil or rotted wood will do. Make sure all your gutters are working so water doesn't moisten your exterior walls and cause rot. This is will create a bug playground.

Tip 3: Don't feed the spiders.

An open trash can is a breeding site for flies. And if you make flies, you'll get spiders. Ripening fruit are a breeding ground for flies as well. Fruit flies are a tasty treat to spiders. Keep fruit in the refrigerator until you're ready to eat it.

Flying insects are attracted to light. If you have exterior lights, consider changing those white bulbs to insect-resistant yellow lighting. The fewer bugs you have flying around your lamps, the fewer spiders you'll have. Flying insects will also fly toward your windows if light is leaking out. This is why you find spider webs on your window panes. Spiders know where the food is. Keep your drapes shut and you'll reduce the number of spiders living around your house.

Tip 4: Don't leave those webs.

If you see a web, get rid of it. Don't let those spiders think they're welcome. Destroying their webs will frustrate and discourage them.

Tip 5: Get a treatment.

To fully seal your home from spiders, a professional treatment is needed. This will keep spiders off your exterior walls and prevent them from squeezing in through the cracks.

Pest control in Ocala can be a complicated matter because pests stay active year round. Start protecting your home from spiders and other household pests today. Don't wait till a spider bite changes your life forever. It isn't worth it.

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