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How to Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling Over The Holidays

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Now is the time to be proactive, before the busy holiday season is underway...

Do you have plans to travel this holiday season? If yes, it is a must that you understand the risk bed bugs present and how to avoid them. That is, if you want to have an enjoyable travel experience, one free of these pests. While bed bugs remained dormant for many years they have returned and are infesting hotels, motels and other commercial lodgings throughout the country as well as in foreign cities. They are not a sign of dirty or poor conditions like many believe and are just as likely to infest ritzy hotels and swanky resorts as they are smaller, less prestigious motels. No matter where you are traveling to you should learn about these nuisance bugs and how to avoid bringing them home with you before you pack your suitcase and head off.

If you are staying in a hotel, motel or other commercial lodging inspecting your room upon checking in is the first step in making sure bed bugs do not return home with you. Do not put your suitcases or luggage on the bed or even the floor. Instead make use of the luggage stand after you have made sure there are no insects hanging out on that. There are many places in a hotel room that these critters are likely to reside including headboards, bed frames and furniture crevices. Use a flashlight to inspect every crack or crevice. You are looking for shed skins, dead insects and dark fecal spots from bed bugs. Pull back sheets and other bedding right to the mattress to make sure there are no bugs or excrement. Really check around the seams and buttons, as those two areas are especially attractive to these pests.

Notify hotel management immediately if you discover an infestation or signs of one in your room and do not remain in that room if a problem does exist. Request a new room that is not near the infested room or find alternative lodgings elsewhere if you believe the whole facility may have a problem with these blood-sucking pests.

One last tip for your hotel stay - leave your belongings in your suitcase instead of utilizing bureau drawers. By working out of your suitcase, you will reduce the chances that these pests might infest your clothes and personal belongings.

Upon returning from your trip make sure you check your luggage thoroughly. While bed bugs are more common in commercial lodgings they can also be found on airplanes, and in taxis as well as other modes of public transpo. Begin by placing your suitcase on a surface that allows you to if see any insects hop off. A table, the garage floor or even the driveway are better choices. If you do use a table, we recommend not doing this inside your home. Examine your suitcase inside and out carefully as well as all of your personal items. These annoying insects can and will hide in alarm clocks, electronics and even your shoes. Wash your clothing in the warmest temperature possible to ensure no bugs remain.

If you discover bed bugs during your inspection, give us a call. Bed bugs will not simply go away, they will persist until treated. Dealing with an infestation of bed bugs is no way to enjoy the holiday season. For more information on bed bug treatments, contact McCall Service today.

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