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black ant on a rock outside a georgia home

How To Avoid 4 Common House Bugs

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If you have lived in Georgia for any length of time, you have had to deal with one of these four pests. Some of you have even dealt with them all. But, maybe after reading this blog, you won't have to deal with them ever again. At the very least, you'll know how to fight back.


The ants we're going to talk about aren't those nasty little fire ants that make it difficult to go anywhere in bare feet. We'll be focusing on an even worse creature--if you can imagine. We're going to be talking about the carpenter ant. This black ant may not bite your ankles and leave welts, but they can make your life equally as miserable.

Here's the problem: Carpenter ants burrow into wood. Although they don't eat it, like the termite does, they can be quite destructive.

Here's the solution: Ant colonies need to be located, and bait needs to be put down. Worker ants bring the bait back to the colonies, and the bait kills the queen. If there is no queen, the colony dies. That's it. No more ants.


When the topic of spiders comes up, everyone wants to talk about the brown recluse and the black widow spider. The truth is, these spiders don't have anything on the common house spider.

Here's the problem: House spiders bite you while you sleep. Though the bites are about as irritating as a mosquito bite, it is gross to think of these spiders crawling around on you while you sleep. This is why they must go.

Here's the solution: Spiders are looking for food. If they can't find any, they won't stick around. First, keep rotting food in a sealed trash can, and wash your counters and floors with disinfectant, on a regular basis. If you like fruit, keep it in the fridge till you eat it. Fruit flies and house flies are spider food. Reduce the food, and you reduce the spider's desire to be in your home. Spraying your exterior walls helps as well. If they don't want to crawl on your walls, they won't come in randomly hoping for food.


It is, perhaps, the nastiest insect in existence. This little oval bugger can turn your stomach, and ruin your day, especially if it comes with friends.

Here's the problem: Cockroaches crawl through bacteria infested areas, like dumpsters, septic pipes, and sewage. Then, they squeeze into your house, and crawl around in your food cabinets, and on your dishes. This is a health risk for your family.

Here's the solution: Roaches come for the food. Keep your trash sealed at all times. Clean up any spills, especially under and behind the fridge, and around your oven. Deep cleaning and disinfectant keeps roaches from multiplying in your home. Sealing up cracks and spraying the outside perimeter of your home will keep them out. If your home is unappealing to roaches, those roaches will look for another place to infest.

Bed Bugs

You've heard the horror stories. You may even know someone who had to get their house treated for these nasty little intruders. This is a hard bug to get rid of.

Here's the problem: Bed bugs bite. It's not just a saying. Plus, it is creepy to think that they are crawling all over you while you sleep.

Here's the solution: Bed bugs don't come through your walls, they hitchhike into your home in luggage, bags, and used furniture. If you've gone on a trip recently, check your bags and clothes before you bring them in. If you get a piece of furniture free off the side of the road, check it closely for bugs. If you're already infested, have a professional come heat your home, and apply targeted insecticide to zones that are most likely to contain hiding bugs. This will get rid of your problem, and keep those bugs from coming back.

Make your home unattractive to household bugs, and start living bug-free. It is easier than you think.

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