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How Mosquito Control Works

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Did you know that a single female mosquito can produce 3,000 larvae in her lifetime? No wonder it seems like there are millions of mosquitoes everywhere we turn and that we just can’t seem to avoid them! The good news about that number is that obviously the larvae aren’t all going to survive, in fact, most will succumb to the elements and become food for other insects and animals. But, none the less, the fact remains that some will survive and if they are not stopped the larvae will develop into more biting, disease spreading adult mosquitoes! The best way to control mosquito numbers on your Savannah, GA property, is not to kill them as they are biting you, or to stay inside all summer, the best solution is to be proactive and put into place a professional mosquito control program.

We are Savannah’s mosquito control experts, our mosquito remediation program works to quickly and significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes living and breeding on your property. The fewer mosquitoes found on your property means fewer bites for you and your family and most importantly, less exposure to dangerous diseases like the West Nile Virus, encephalitis, and chikungunya. Fewer mosquitoes on your property of course also means that you will be able to spend more time enjoying your beautiful Savannah property with family and friends!

In Savannah mosquitoes are at their most active and at their highest numbers from May through October; our monthly mosquito remediation program coincides with those months to provide you with the most effective protection against these dangerous pests. Our seasoned and highly trained professionals understand the habits of mosquitoes along with the habitats that they prefer to live and breed in. Highly trained and armed with knowledge, McCall’s professionals can successfully treat your property and dramatically reduce the number of mosquitoes found on it.

Below is an easy to follow breakdown of how our mosquito reduction program works and what is provided at each monthly service visit:

  • First, a complete inspection is performed by one of our professionals to determine the areas on your property where the mosquitoes are most likely breeding.

  • Next, we will inform you of things you can change or remove around your property to get rid of any breeding areas.

  • Then we will place a granular larvicide in any areas of standing water found on your property. This kills the eggs and stops young mosquitoes from developing into adults!

  • Lastly, the trees, shrubs, and other dark moist areas of your property are treated with a power micro-sprayer to kill any resting adults.

To learn more about our effective mosquito remediation program and how it will work to help you month after month and year after year dramatically reduce mosquito numbers on your Savannah, GA property, contact us at McCall Service today!

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