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How Gainesville Pest Control Pros Get Rid Of Ants

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Ants in the house. Not exactly the occupancy you were hoping for. Ever wonder where they came from? Why they are in the house? How many are there? And maybe you are at the point where you want to know how to get rid of ants that have invaded your patio and maybe even your kitchen and bathroom!

Well, they are in your house because they are looking for food and moisture. Your home and property can be a great source of food for them. From foraging through your pantry for open containers, to picking up crumbs off the kitchen floor, your home is essentially their supermarket. They will keep coming back over and over again. Even when you kill one, another two seem to come in its place.

Ants have an amazing skill called pheromone trails. As ants go out away from their colony they emit a trail of pheromones. Each ant emits its own trail of pheromones as it walks away from the colony. This serves as a trail for them to be followed by other members of its colony, as well as, it is a territorial smell to keep other insects away. This is why when you kill all the ants that you see they seem to come back in the same spot the very next day. Their colonies are filled with thousands of ants. The few that you manage to kill are just a small portion of this colony.

Getting rid of them completely requires that the whole colony be extinguished. In order to find the colony one would have to follow the ants back to their home. This is nearly impossible without the help of a professional pest service like McCall Service. Here a few ant prevention tips to help you in your quest for an ant free property:

  • Eliminate all standing water on property

  • Keep water removal systems working properly

  • Keep all branches of trees and shrubs trimmed back away from the home

  • Repair and seal all cracks and crevices in the exterior walls, windows and doors of the home to prevent ease of access

  • Clean up all spills and crumbs inside and outside your home quickly

  • Keep all food stored in air-tight containers

  • Keep pet food bowls picked up when not in use

  • Keep firewood and building materials stored at least 20 feet away from structures

Ant control in Gainesville can be prove challenging to accomplish on your own. The trained professionals at McCall Service can rid your home of ants by going directly to the source, the nest! We can also help you protect your Gainesville property from future ant infestations with a special focus on prevention. Our residential protection program will provide year round protection from ants and other common pests as well. For Gainesville pest control  that can handle any pest, including the ants, call McCall Service today!



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