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How Do I Prevent Wildlife On My Tampa Property?

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To protect your home, most people will install a home security system and purchase homeowners insurance. These are pretty obvious ways to protect your home, but how do you protect your home against wildlife? The Tampa pest control professionals at McCall would like to offer you some helpful wildlife prevention tips that can help to keep sometimes dangerous and even disease threatening wildlife from infesting your Florida property. We suggest that you don’t invite wildlife to your property in the first place! This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s the best way we can tell you to prevent wildlife. You can start making your property unattractive to pests by:

Removing sources of food. Yes, trash cans are sources of food for hungry wildlife. Either store your trash can in the garage or a shed, or make sure that it has a very tight fitting lid that is secured with a bungee cord. Although some raccoons can still manage to figure out how to get into a trash can that is tightly secured, most wildlife will be deterred by this. You may also want to remove bird feeders and never EVER leave pet food out overnight! Additionally, if you have fruit trees, pick up fallen fruit whenever you see it.

Removing good places to for wildlife to hide. This means make sure you lock up your shed or garage at night and find and fix any holes in the exterior of your home. Pests like raccoons like to hide in crawl spaces too, so make sure that any gaps in your crawl space are tightly caulked or covered with fine mesh screens. If you have Spanish barrel tiles on your roof, have these screened, because pests will likely hide under these tiles.

Remove things that may help wildlife access your home. If you have tree branches overhanging your home, cut these back so they don’t act as a bridge to your home.

If these prevention tips aren’t enough and you find yourself dealing with a wildlife problem, contact the home pest control service professionals at McCall Service. We offer wildlife removal in Tampa that may include humane animal trapping, animal relocation, animal exclusion, wildlife control and wildlife damage control.

Wildlife have been known to spread rabies and their fecal matter can spread many other diseases that are dangerous to your family. No matter what pest is bothering you, whether it is raccoons, skunks or squirrels, they all have the potential to contaminate your property, destroy your belongings and pose a serious health risk to you and your pets.

At the first sign of a wildlife problem, contact the Tampa pest control pros at McCall Service and let us handle these pests so that you don’t have to!



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