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Termite Damage In Florida

How Do I Know If I Have Termites?

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In Florida, termites are a problem everywhere and both drywood termites and subterranean termites prove problematic for Florida home and business owners.  The best way to keep your property safe from the destruction caused by these wood-destroying insects is to know the signs of termite infestation in your Tampa, Tallahassee, Jacksonville or Northern Florida property. 

You know that you have termites if: 

Window or door frames look like they are sagging. This is because termites have destroyed the inner section of wooden boards and planks and the wood is no longer structurally sound. 

Painted wood has started peeling, looks warped or has started cracking. Termites can get into your wooden furniture as well as the wood in your home and they only need a gap as thin as a dime in which to enter. The paint on the exterior of the wood will begin to look damaged when a termite infestation is present inside it. 

You have seen thin mud tunnels (also referred to as tubes) running along your foundation or walls inside your property. These are the protective tunnels in which subterranean termites travel so that their bodies don’t dry out in the hot Florida weather. 

Tiny little frail termite wings have been spotted inside your property. These are the shed wings from termite swarmers and if you should find them indoors, it means you probably have termites as well. 

You see tiny holes in wood. Although subterranean termites eat wood from the inside out, they generally try to keep the outside of the wood intact, so that the destruction going on inside the wood is their own dirty little secret. Sometimes you will see tiny holes in wood that they have created but attempted to patch up with mud or their own feces. 

If you have seen any signs of termite or termite damage in your home or business, there is a very distinct possibility your property is being preyed upon by destructive termites. If you should actually locate a colony of busy termites, don’t disturb it- this could cause them to move away from their current colony and create a new one.  Instead of disturbing a termite colony, you should immediately contact a termite control professional like McCall Service in Jacksonville. The professional termite inspectors at McCall can help you determine how extensive the colony is and will provide solutions to help you deal with the problem.  For more information on the termite control options available through McCall Service, contact us today at 800-342-6948 or fill out the online contact form and a representative will get back with you shortly!  At McCall Service, we offer pest and termite control in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Tampa, Tallahassee and Ocala as well as elsewhere in our Northern Florida service area.



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