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How Did I Get Bugs?

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If you're feeling exasperated about bugs, I can probably guess why. You keep a tight ship. You make sure your screens are all in top working order. Your exterior walls are sealed. You keep your kitchen so clean you could eat off the floor. And you have taken the extra time and effort to seal your front and back doors with door sweeps, your sliding doors with weather stripping, and the cracks around your air conditioner with caulk. You shouldn't be having bugs. So why are there bugs in your flour, and fruit flies swarming your kitchen?

There are many pests you can bring into your home without even realizing it. These bugs are hitchhikers--some are intentional, others are accidental. Here are the most common pests that will hitch a ride into your house, and what you can do to prevent them from getting in.

Pantry Pests

The cigarette beetle, drugstore beetle, saw-toothed grain beetle, rice weevil, maize weevil, granary weevil, and Indian meal moth are notorious for infesting food packages before they get to your home. Infestation can happen in processing plants, warehouses, delivery vehicles, and at the grocery store. To keep these pests from getting into your home you need to examine all paper or cardboard packaging before purchasing those products. Look for rips, tears, and chew holes.

Fruit Flies

The reason most people get fruit flies is because they come into the home as eggs. When fruit ripens the eggs hatch. Once the first fruit flies take flight they can reproduce quite quickly. The best way to prevent fruit flies is to put your fruit in the refrigerator or plastic bag on the counter. This will keep fruit flies from hatching or contain them if they do.

Bed Bugs

These bugs can travel home with you after a vacation. They hitch a ride in the seams of luggage, on clothing, and in bags. Always be on the look out for these tiny bugs and the bites they leave. Bed bug bites look like mosquito bites and run in a line or in a cluster. Also look for black fecal residue on mattress corners and seams, and blood droplets left on sheets.


Though most cockroaches will come in through your walls it is possible to get roaches by carrying them into your home. They hide in bags and boxes and can be carried in on the bottom of your shoe. Not as a full grown roach, obviously, but as eggs. Roach eggs do not require the mother in order to hatch. If you step on a female roach, you can bring her sticky eggs into your home and onto your rugs. Once inside your home, roaches will multiply quickly and attack many types of food products.

To avoid that exasperated feeling, try getting connected to a professional pest management company. They can educate you on these and other invasive pests, and show you how you can keep your home 100% pest free.

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