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A group of rats huddle together for warmth

How a Rat Infestation Quickly Grows Out of Control

In: Florida Pests

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How many rats does it take to start a colony that can overrun your attic? How quickly can a few rodents become an infestation scurrying through a restaurant's pantries? The answers to both questions are surprising, and they keep our Georgia pest control services busy year-round.

It Only Takes Two

The Rattus norvegicus, also known as the brown rat, stands out as an impressive example of how efficiently a species can breed. The nocturnal rodent devotes its time to nesting, mating, and foraging. Consider these startling statistics that make rat control so difficult.

  • One female can produce five litters a year.
  • Each litter increases the rat population by as many as 14 pups.
  • Young rats become mating adults in just five weeks.
  • As many as 15,000 rats can be traced to a single lineage in one year.

They're at Home in Your Home

You don't have to set out the welcome mat for a rat infestation. They're naturally drawn to the protection of your warm attic or dark basement. With front teeth that grow up to 5 inches a year, the pests chew their way inside through roofs, siding, pipes, and even foundation walls. They shred wood, insulation, and electrical cords to line their nests while they quickly figure out the easiest path to food – which is usually your kitchen. Rats gnaw holes through food packaging and contaminate crawl spaces and air ducts as they scurry through the house. They're nocturnal creatures, so they do most of their damage while you're peacefully sleeping.

Rat Infestations Need Professional Rat Control

This isn't the type of rodent you want to confront by yourself. A rat colony is an unhealthy environment filled with air-borne contaminants, organic debris, and bacteria. Adult rats grow as large as 10 inches in length, and they carry dangerous pathogens that cause serious diseases including:

  • Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome
  • Well's disease
  • Viral hemorrhagic fever
  • Cryptosporidiosis
  • Q fever

Rat control should always be taken care of by pest control specialists. Certified technicians use industry-approved products and methods to eliminate the super-breeders and make sure they don't invade your space again.

We're Here Year-Round

When rats move in, time is never on your side. If you suspect rodents are making themselves at home in your house or business, call us right away. Our teams here at McCall are ready to roll with the best Georgia pest control services available, and we're here for you year-round.

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