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family outside their florida home

Home Is Where Your Heart Is

In: Home Pest Control

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Notice how it doesn't say, "Home is where the bugs are." That's because bugs don't belong in your home. Home is where you start your day, and where you find your rest when that day is done. Home is where happiness and smiles live, not cockroaches and termites. Home is for building dreams and sharing hugs, not trapping mice and swatting bugs. That is why I'm going to suggest something completely out of the box for this Valentine's day. Instead of roses and chocolates, how about a bug-free home?

Pests serve a purpose in nature. Termites break down wood and turn it into nutrient rich soil. Spiders eat mosquitoes and other flying pests. Ladybugs eat plant-damaging aphids. Wasps, hornets and bees pollinate those beautiful flowers. And, the list goes on. But these and other bugs do not belong inside your home. Inside a home they can damage wood products, ruin photos, chew through wires, bite and sting, worsen structural issues, spread illness, drive you crazy, and more.

Show your love this Valentine's day by protecting your family from household pests. Here is a quick checklist to help you seal up those walls.

  1. Start by getting rid of the food sources. Most bugs like rotting organic matter. Cleaning counters, floors, carpets, and hard-to-reach places like the sides of your stove, will encourage bugs to find another place to feed.

  2. Bugs feed on what we would consider trash. Don't leave your trash open to them or they will feed and breed in it.

  3. If you have fewer food-eating bugs, you'll have fewer of the bugs that eat those bugs. But some bugs don't come for the food, they are drawn in by light. If you have exterior lights or leave your curtains open at night, flying insects will be lured in. Once they are crawling on your windows, it doesn't take long for them to find a way inside. Install yellow lighting or keep the lights off at night. And, keep your curtains closed so that light doesn't leak out.

  4. Seal your exterior walls and foundation. Bugs get in through cracks, holes and gaps.

  5. It doesn't take much of a crack for a bug to get through, so it is also important to have a pest control company apply a treatment to weak areas where pests can gain entry.

  6. Always be vigilant about keeping your doors closed and your screens in good working order. A common entry point many people miss is the garage. Consider getting an automatic garage door opener and only open it for short periods of time or be mindful that bugs can get into your home when they enter from the garage.

Let those pests live in nature where they belong. Home is your refuge. You should never have to share it with bugs.

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