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Holiday Travel Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs In Jacksonville

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The holiday travel season is quickly approaching and whether you are traveling to visit family, going on vacation, coming home from college, or just are busy out and about taking care of holiday errands, it is important to remember that bed bugs in Jacksonville and across the country are active and looking for new families to spend the holidays with.

At McCall Service we want to make sure that your holiday season is filled with joy, laughter, and family, and not with bed bugs. Because of this we want to provide you with information about bed bugs and give you some holiday travel tips to protect yourself, your home, and your family against bed bugs!

First, we want to give you a quick refresher on bed bugs. Bed bugs are a parasitic pest that feed on the blood of mammals, and ,unfortunately, humans are their favorite food source. They hide during the day, in the cracks of furniture and walls, under mattresses and box springs, under floor boards, and even behind picture frames. At night these bugs come out to feed. Adult bed bugs are reddish-brown in color and have an oval shaped, flattened body (think apple seed). They are 1/4th of an inch in length and are wingless. They reproduce very quickly and despite their name, can be found throughout your entire home, not just in your bed.

Bed bugs are commonly found in public areas that have large amounts of human traffic. Places like hotels, bus stations, airports, movie theaters, and shopping centers are all areas where bed bugs can be unintentionally picked up and then introduced into your home. During the holiday season, the places mentioned previously are all places that you may be frequenting and so the professionals at McCall Service want to provide you with some tips to protect yourself against bed bugs!

Holiday travel tips to avoid bed bugs include:

  • During the travel portion of your trip, try not to leave bags, coats, or other personal items on the floors airports, bus stations or rest stops.

  • Check seats on airplanes, buses or rental cars for signs of adult bed bugs.

  • Inspect your hotel room before you bring any of your belongings into it. Use a flashlight to look for bed bugs or signs of bed bugs under and along the sides of mattress and box springs, behind headboards, and in the corners, cracks, and crevices of the walls.

  • Once inside your room, keep your luggage up off of the floor and place items not in use in sealed plastic bags.

  • When returning home, make sure to immediately wash all clothing, outerwear, bags and other items using hot water. Be sure to empty, vacuum and thoroughly clean your suitcase.

  • After traveling during the holidays, and in general, it is a good idea not to wear shoes inside of your home and keep all coats and other outerwear in one area of your house. In other words try not to throw coats on beds or couches!

  • When out and about shopping for the holidays do not leave bags and coats on the floor. Upon returning home, wash any applicable purchases immediately.

  • Also, while it may be a bargain, try to avoid purchasing clothing and furniture for the holidays from thrift or other second hand stores.

Despite taking all the precautions, bed bugs can be difficult to prevent and just one or two that have hitchhiked their way into your home can quickly lead to very large problem. To prevent a big problem with bed bugs, you should contact a Jacksonville pest control expert at the first sign of a bed bug invasion.

Bed bug experts, like the ones found at McCall Service, will be able to provide quick, safe and effective services to get rid of the bed bugs in your Jacksonville home and then provide routine inspection services to make sure that bed bugs never become unwanted holiday guests again!

For more information on bed bugs, or how to eliminate them from your Jacksonville home, contact the professionals at McCall Service today!

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