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Christmas Trees And Decorations May Harbor Insects And Rodents

Holiday Decorations Create Many Hiding Places For Pests

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Christmas is just around the corner; have you set up your Christmas tree and taken all those old Christmas decorations out of storage? If you haven’t, the pros at McCall Services would like to remind you to keep an eye out for pests as you unpack your decorations.  Pests like quiet and undisturbed areas and holiday decorations that have gone unused for the past 11 months make the perfect hiding place for both Florida bugs and rodents.  When you begin to unpack your tree and decorations (or set up your real Christmas tree, if that’s your thing!), follow these tips to avoid releasing pests like mice, rats and spiders into your home:  

Unpack decorations outdoors – When you dig your tree and boxes of decorations out of the attic or basement, take them directly outside.  Open and inspect the boxes, removing any pests before you take anything inside. 

Shake out trees and wreaths – If you buy a real Christmas tree or wreath, shake it outside.  Many pests, including Florida spiders, enjoy hiding in the pine needles and branches.  Inspect the tree and dislodge the bugs before bringing it inside. 

Plan ahead for next year – When you take down the tree and begin repacking everything for storage, plan ahead to avoid pest problems next year.  Pack all decorations in plastic, airtight plastic containers to keep pests out of them.  Also be sure to organize your storage area; many Florida insects and rodents enjoy the many hiding places that clutter provides. 

If you have already done your decorating and think you may have released pests into your home, call McCall Service for effective Florida pest control.  McCall specializes in the control and extermination of nearly every pest, including mice, rats, spiders, moths and many more!  Whether you live in Jacksonville, Tampa, Gainesville, Ocala, Tallahassee or elsewhere in Northern Florida, McCall Service is the right choice for your pest control service needs.  Contact us today for trusted Jacksonville pest control services and your FREE interior pest inspection.

This blog was originally published on December 8, 2011, but we have updated it to reflect the most recent and accurate information available in helping you combat frustrating pest problems.

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