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Bed Bug In Holiday Gifts

Help! I Brought Bed Bugs Home For The Holidays

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We recently discussed how to travel this holiday season without bed bugs. But the reality is that even when you are being cautious and following our bed bug travel tips, sometimes these pests are still able to find their way back to your home after the holidays. So to further help ease your bed bug worries, we wanted to share what to do if you do in fact find an infestation in your Northern Florida home.

How do bed bugs make it into the home?

  • On your suitcase - bed bug eggs are sticky

  • On your clothing - bed bugs are great hitchhikers

  • Inside your suitcase - bed bugs are really good at hiding 

  • From your house guests - bed bugs may come in with your company

What to do after identifying a bed bug infestation?

The good news is the despite the fear factor, the bed bug bites, and the general disgust with finding that your home is infested with bed bugs, they are no match for the FL pest control professionals. In today’s world of modern day pest control methods, even the most severe pest infestations can be taken care of easily and safely by the pros.

At McCall Service, we offer complete eradication of bed bugs. Through various methods, your home will quickly be restored to a bed bug free state! Some of the techniques that McCall may use to get rid of bed bugs include:

Bed bug heat treatments - The infested room is heated to a temperature that kills bed bugs in all life stages, usually between 120 and 135 degrees.

Chemical applications - A residual insecticide is applied to cracks, crevices and other bed bug hiding places.

Steam applications - An alternative to a chemical application is to apply steam to the same areas that may be housing hiding bed bugs.

Hepa-Vacuum - Another service is the use of a hepa-vacuum on mattresses, sofas, and other furniture to ensure that all signs of bed bugs are gone.

Depending on the severity of the infestation, there may be follow up treatments to ensure that the bed bug infestation is a thing of the past. So while bed bugs may try to take away the joy of your holiday season, at the first sign of these blood sucking pests, simply contact McCall Service. We provide bed bug control services to our large Northern Florida service area including Tampa, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Gainesville and Ocala.

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