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McCall Service Offers Bed Bug Heat Treatments In FL

Have Bed Bugs? We Have The Heat!

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Bed bugs are back.  After several years of dormancy, bed bugs are enjoying a healthy resurgence and are showing up in hotels and other commercial establishments and even in residential dwellings. 

Bed bugs are not an indication of poor sanitation and don’t discriminate between rich and poor.  Simply put bed bugs are problem where ever people live or congregate.  At McCall Service we realize these biting insects are wreaking havoc across the Southeast and that is why we offer 100% effective bed bug heat treatments to completely get rid of bed bugs in Florida homes and businesses. 

Advantages of Heat Treatments

  • Now businesses and home owners can eradicate bed bug infestations in hours instead of weeks

  • Heat treatments are the only method of treatment for bed bugs proven to be 100% effective

  • A greener treatment option

Heat treatment for bed bugs involves prepping an infested area and its furnishings, then using a mobile heat unit to take the heat in the area up to 120 for several hours.  By maintaining this lethal heat for an extended period of time, we ensure that all stages of bed bugs are eradicated including nymphs and eggs. 

If your home or business has been infested by bed bugs, contact McCall Service today.  We’ll evaluate your problem and provide you with a customized bed bug treatment.  Not every infestation is eligible for heat treatment but we use this method in conjunction with chemical, steam and specialized heap vacuuming techniques.  No matter how severe your bed bug problem is, we can help!  Our residential bed bug treatments and commercial bed bug treatments are available in Gainesville, Jacksonville, Ocala, Tallahassee and Tampa as well as Northern Florida.  Remember if you have bed bugs, we have the heat!

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