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termite burrowing in wood

Haunting Termite Damage In Tallahassee

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Here is a riddle for you: What insect is really scary, but you never see it at Halloween? No fair. You peeked at the title. It is strange, isn't it? Why aren't termites a Halloween bug? Why do spiders, flies, and centipedes get to have all the fun? Termites are just as scary as those other Halloween pests. Can you imagine the sheer horror of pulling down some sheet rock and finding a massive colony of termites inside your wall? That's some scary stuff. Hold on a second. Maybe that is why termites aren't a Halloween bug. They don't dangle in the middle of a giant web, fill the air like a disgusting swarm, or crawl out a mummy's eye. Who knows? But there is one thing for sure; it is never good to have termites silently eating away at the wood of your home. Here are some ways you can detect them.

  • If you have termites, they are going to be eating wood. You can only hope that some of that wood damage is visible from the outside. Termites will chew on your fence, your deck, outside wooden structures, inside furniture, and other wood items. If you have valuable items in your home that are made from wood, drywood termites will be the biggest threat because drywood termites eat hardwoods.

  • Drywood termites make tiny holes to push their droppings out of their tunnels. You will most often find these holes in window and door frames. But it is the droppings you'll notice first. They will appear light tan to dark brown in color and be about the size of coffee grounds. If you see these piles, don't mistake them for sawdust.

  • Most subterranean termites live in soil outside of a structure they are feasting on. If you peel up some mulch and find dozens of white winged insects, you're in trouble.

  • Subterranean termites also build mud tubes up the sides of basement walls. They use these tubes to keep them safe from the drying effects of the sun. When you look for these tunnels, make sure to look behind bushes, under decks, and other shaded places.

  • Formosan subterranean termites can live entirely inside a structure without access to the soil outside. If you want to know if you have these termites, you're going to have to take a flashlight into the attic and hope you find a nest.

  • All termite species create winged alates, also known as swarmers. These winged reproductive termites are kings and queens that go out in search of a new place to build a colony. These swarms don't last long. So, sometimes the evidence of a termite infestation will be shed wings on window sills and your back deck.

If you suspect you have termites in your home or want to know for sure whether you do or not, give us a call. At McCall Service, our team has a track record for protecting Florida homes from termite damage. Plus, we back our termite protection with a $1,000,000 termite damage warranty for homes that qualify. There's no drilling, no trenches, and our system is 100% safe for the environment. Termites may not be a Halloween bug, but they sure are scary. Get protected today.

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