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termites chewing through a wooden surface

Good Bug, Bad Bug

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Women love high heels. There’s no disputing that fact. For some, it’s because heels make their legs look amazing. For others, a pair of four-inch heels completes an outfit like no flat possibly could. Wearing heels has some drawbacks though. For example, did you know that wearing high heels (especially pointed toe ones) could mess with your posture and your gait? How about the fact that wearing them may cause calluses and corns or worse result in stress fractures and other health problems? You might say high heels are good and bad just like some bugs are good and bad. 

Now we’re not experts on shoes but we do know bugs and speaking of one that doesn’t land solidly in either the good or bad column is the termite. This insect is helpful because it clears forests of dead trees. What turns the termite into a bad bug is when it (and several hundred of its worker friends) moves out of the woods and starts consuming the wood in homes. Left untreated, termites can cause extensive damage over time. See, good and bad. 

How could bees that go around stinging innocent children and adults be considered good? Taking their painful stings and the possible allergic reactions that come from them out of the equation for a moment, bees are actually quite beneficial when they pollinate plants that grow into the fruits and vegetables we eat. Again, they have some good qualities and some bad ones.

Last but not least, we have spiders. You might say these guys are the pest control professionals of the insect world because they eat other bugs including pesky mosquitoes. Unfortunately spiders leave unsightly webs inside and out, and some types of spiders in Florida and Georgia are actually venomous. Once again, we’re in the gray area between good and bad. 

Wouldn’t life be grand if women could wear the tallest Christian Louboutin's without worry about what could happen and we could all live peacefully with bugs? Unfortunately, that’s not the case and while we can’t help you with footwear, the team at McCall Service can help you protect your family, home and property from bugs that don’t have the best of intentions.

For home pest control in Jacksonville and throughout Northern Florida and Savannah and Western Georgia, we are the local experts. Family owned and operated, we’ve been fighting insects and rodents since 1928 and are ready to help you. Call McCall, We Do It All! 


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