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Georgia Bundles And Saves On Pest Control

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If you own a home in Georgia, you're going to have to deal with pests. Bugs and wildlife love the temperate conditions here in the Peach State, and they never stop breeding or spreading. But, you're not in this battle alone. At McCall Service, we've been serving folks in Florida and Georgia since 1928. And, in almost a century, we've learned one very important lesson: Homes don't generally deal with only one pest.

When we go to inspect a home for termites, we might also find an infestation of yellow jackets, a family of mice, or skunks living under the porch. When we go to fight an ant infestation in someone's kitchen, we may find cockroaches running rampant in the pantry and behind the counters. When pests get in, they often create the conditions for more pests to enter. Overwintering bugs that die in your wall voids become an attractive food source for other pests. When carpenter ants start a hole in your exterior walls, a rodent may come to finish the job. When you start seeing one type of insect in your living spaces, there is a good chance there are others in your wall voids, basement, or attic spaces. Why? Because those entry points don't have signs on them. They're not going to allow Ladybugs in, but keep millipedes out. A hole is a hole.

Since we're always seeing multiple pests, we've designed a program that addresses a whole host of pests at one time. This is our basic control service. So, rather than pay for ants, cockroaches, millipedes, and wasps. You just pay one fee to have all of these issues addressed when your friendly McCall technicians service your home.

Due to costs involved, there are a couple exceptions to our basic pest control plan. It does not cover installation of termite monitoring and baiting stations for year-round termite protection or the $1 million damage repair warranty that comes with that termite plan. Nor does it cover mosquito remediation services. These two insects require specialized treatments. But, we weren't content to not offer some way to combine these services. So, we developed our Bundle & Save program.

When you choose any 2 services we provide, you'll save 10%, and when you choose any 3, you'll save 15%. That means you can go ahead and get general pest control, termite protection, and mosquito abatement all in one service package, and save. We also offer lawn care, for a beautiful green lawn that is free of turf-damaging pests.

If you're looking for the most comprehensive and effective protection for your lawn, home, family, and pets, bundle and save with McCall Service. Start 2016 off right with a pest-free home and yard from a service company with a proven track record, McCall Service.

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