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Asian Tiger Mosquitoes In Ocala, FL

Gallinippers, Asian Tiger Mosquitoes And Crazy Ants!

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Lions and tigers and bears may be more comforting than this recent article put out by the Wall Street Journal talking about new aggressive mosquitoes and crazy ants that are taking over homes and properties in Ocala, FL. There are two types of mosquitoes and one species of ant that are taking a not so friendly spotlight in recent months. Our Ocala pest control professionals at McCall Service would like to share some information on these newer, invasive species and also offer residents a solution to prevent pests from taking over.


Gallinippers - This species of mosquito can grow to the size of a quarter which is about four or five times larger than most mosquitoes. Not only are gallinippers much larger but their bites are more painful too! They can even penetrate through layers of clothing which makes it that much harder to avoid their bites. The good news however, is that gallinippers do not spread disease like other species of mosquitoes.


Asian tiger mosquitoes - This species of mosquito may not be as large in size but their aggressive nature makes up for that. Asian tiger mosquitoes are active throughout the entire day, unlike dawn and dusk being peak hours for most other mosquitoes. And not only are they hard to avoid but they also can spread disease which makes them a more serious threat. West Nile Virus and Chikungunya virus are just a few of the known diseases spread from Asian tiger mosquitoes.


Crazy ants - Their name says it all; the ants have gone crazy! Crazy ants are tiny but what is causing Floridians a lot of trouble is the fact that their tiny bodies allow them to get into some unfortunate places. Electronic devices, air conditioning units, and computers are just a few of the places that crazy ants will nest in. Not only do they nest in electrical equipment but their bodies can create an electrical connection that causes these devices to short out.


So, what can you do to help prevent these insects from causing problems in your Ocala home? Since the behaviors of these mosquitoes and ants are not the norm, it may require alternative treatment methods to control these insects. Contact McCall Service today to help get rid of ants and control mosquitoes on your Florida property. In addition to pest control service in Ocala, our FL pest control pros also provide pest control in Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tallahassee and Tampa.


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