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swarming termites florida

Gak! Swarming Termites!

In: Termite Control

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Are they crawling out of your walls? Are they all over the exterior of your home and crawling around on your deck? You might be tempted to run from the home screaming. But, it's okay. Take a deep breath. We're going to get you through this.

What you need to know immediately.

Termites won't hurt you. They eat wood--not people. In fact, termite swarmers don't even eat wood. Their role is one of a reproductive nature. They're lovers, not fighters. But that doesn't mean they're not dangerous. Those females will get into the soil and make babies, and those babies will be happy to eat the wood in your home. The good news is, if these swarmers didn't come from your home, it will be a little bit before your home is in danger. Swarmer cannot make the mud tubes necessary for workers to get into the wood of your house and do damage. The bad new is, they may already have a very healthy colony in your home.

Gak! They could already be in my home?

Yes. Swarmers are terrible fliers. And, they lose their wings after mating. That means the swarm that is crawling around on your home came from a healthy colony somewhere on your property, a neighbor's house, or your house. But there is even worse news than this.

Worse news?

Colonies don't produce swarmers unless they are mature. If the colony is inside your home, it has probably been there for a few years. This means the damage could be significant. It is important that you get a certified termite inspector to check your home and assess the extent of the damage.

What comes after a termite inspection?

If you live in Florida, it is never a good idea to go without termite protection. But, now that you know that termites are inside your home, or somewhere nearby, it is even more imperative to take action. Have your technician walk you through what year round termite protection looks like. Having swarmers all over your home can be a nerve wracking experience, but if those termites didn't come from within your house, this could be the wake up call you need to protect your home equity from these wood eating insects.

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