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Gainesville Restaurants Fight Rodents

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There is nothing worse for a restaurant owner than to get a visit from a government inspector following up on a report. If violations are found to substantiate the complaint filed, it can lead to a forced closure. It is hard to come back from a headline that reads, "Restaurant in Gainesville closed due to rat infestation," or "Rat droppings found in Gainesville area restaurant." That is why it is so important to make pest control a priority. Here are some of the things an inspector will look for, and what you can do when you find these signs in your Gainesville restaurant.

  • Droppings. This is the most common violation because droppings are the first thing an inspector looks for. They will search in food storage areas, mop sink areas, in cabinets, behind and on the sides of stoves, in ventilation ducts, and around food prep stations. They also will be looking to see if the droppings are fresh because fresh droppings means a current infestation. Fresh droppings are moist and dark in color. If you are finding droppings, you need to address the problem before these signs are found by an inspector.

  • Nesting. If you have a rodent infestation in your restaurant, there is a strong likelihood that those rodents will develop nests near the food they are eating. Inspectors look in attic spaces, ventilation ducts and secluded storage areas for these nests. They are usually made from insulations, paper products, and other scavenged material.

  • Damaged Food. A business can be shut down if an inspector finds food that has been eaten by rodents. There have been cases across the state where meats, breads and packaged foods have been found with chew marks. When inspectors find this, they automatically assume that the food is contaminated because rodents are known to spread harmful bacteria and diseases.

If you see any of these signs of rodent infestation, these are the four steps that must be taken to immediately protect your business.

  1. A thorough inspection must be performed.

  2. The current infestation must be removed.

  3. All areas of nesting, droppings and urine must be cleaned and disinfected.

  4. Exterior walls must be sealed to prevent new infestations.

We understand how demanding it can be to own and operate a restaurant and how frustrating it can be to protect it from rodents. When you need cost-effective rodent control that you can trust, give McCall a call. We've been protecting businesses in Florida and Georgia since 1928. That is a long time to learn how to get it right.

Don't risk being shut down for rodent violations. Take the necessary steps to protect your Gainesville restaurant. You have invested too much to allow it to be destroyed by these invasive pests.

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