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mouse found in the kitchen

Gainesville Mice: F.A.Q.

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We get a ton of questions about mice in the Gainesville area because mice can be a real frustration when they get inside your Florida home. Here are a few of the most important questions and some answers that will help you fight back.

"Why are mice coming in?"

Because they can. Though there are some things that will lure mice into your yard and encourage them to chew on your exterior walls, the reason why they are coming in is simply because they're looking for harborage.

"What makes mice want to come into my yard?"

A food source. An overgrown lawn. Yard clutter. These are the things a mouse loves. If you have an open trash can, bird seed on the ground, accessible vegetables or something else yummy for those mice to eat, they will love you for it. If your yard is overgrown and filled with clutter, like toys, cinder blocks, construction materials or other things to hide in and explore, those field mice will have a field day.

"What makes mice want to chew on my exterior walls?"

Mice are rodents. It doesn't take much to invite these creatures to chew. But, if you have broken or obstructed gutters causing water to soak your walls, you could have rotting wood, and this will not go unnoticed by a curious rodent. They will make short work of chewing through those areas and getting into your wall voids.

"How do mice get around my house?"

They climb up and down through your walls. That is why you hear them bumping around in there. If you see a mouse running across the floor in your kitchen, especially in the day, this is a sign that you have a major infestation. These are nocturnal, skittish creatures. If they are getting bold enough to allow themselves to be seen in the day, it is a hungry belly that has forced them to take such risks.

"Should I just put some traps down?"

You can catch mice with traps. The real question is: Do you want to? If your goal is to thin out the population of mice in your walls, traps will do the trick. You can catch those mice every night for the rest of your life if you want to. But, if your goal is to stop mice from getting into your home, you need to find and seal the entry points they are using to get in and reinforce vulnerable areas so they don't make a new entry point.

If you have mice living in your Florida home, give McCall a call. Mice in Florida are a year-round problem, and when they get into a house, they can spread disease, illness and parasites. Our technicians will root out the current problem and make sure your exterior walls have the protection they need to deter a new infestation.

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