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Bed Bug Treatments In Florida

Florida Travelers Finding Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are a pest that many travelers are quite familiar with. These pests are well known hitchhikers and can travel inside luggage as well as on clothing. If you are traveling in the great state of Florida for an upcoming business trip, conference, vacation or you are just heading back to school, you need to be aware that bed bugs are out there and can be easily picked up by the unsuspecting traveler. What can you do to prevent bed bugs and bed bug eggs from coming home with you after your next trip? Here are some tips from the professionals of pest control in Jacksonville at McCall Service for bed bug prevention.


  1. Never set your handbag or luggage on the floor or the seat next to you in public transportation. Keep your belongings in your lap to help prevent picking up bed bugs.

  2. When staying in a hotel, do some research first. Check out the bed bug registry to make sure that the hotel you are planning to stay at has not had any recent bed bug sightings.

  3. Before you enter your hotel room, become a bed bug detective. Leaving your belongings in the hallway or with a bellhop, inspect the room carefully for signs of bed bugs. These can include red or brown spots on bed linens, cast bed bug skins around beds or areas where carpeting meets the wall and in a large infestation, a musty odor can be detected.

  4. When you return from your trip, carefully inspect your luggage for bed bugs before bringing into the house. If you suspect bed bugs, contact the pros at McCall Service for information on our bed bug home heat treatment to eliminate these pests in your luggage before they have a chance to spread to your home.


Bed bugs are not introduced into your home by having bad sanitation practices and unfortunately, an infestation of bed bugs can happen to anyone. You can unknowingly pick these pests up anywhere and when they take hold inside your home, they can be very difficult to eradicate. A bed bug treatment from a professional pest control company like the folks at McCall Service is the best way to eliminate these pests. DIY treatments for bed bugs are not effective and can be dangerous to you and your family members if mixed improperly or administered incorrectly. A bed bug heat treatment from McCall Service is a highly effective and eco-friendly bed bug control technique that will have your home free from bed bugs and their eggs within just one day!


For effective pest control in Tampa, contact the professionals at McCall Service. Providing pest control in Jacksonville, other areas in Northern Florida and Southern Georgia since 1928, McCall Service can help you get rid of bed bugs and any other pests that may be bothering you; contact us today!


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