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Termites In Florida

Florida Termites: A Love Story

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No one knows for sure where this story of love begins. It could have been on a beautiful sunkissed beach with the ocean stretching out like a crystal turquoise blanket. It may have been in a seedy rundown bar on the outskirts of Miami. All we know is that love has kindled between two species of termite, and this could be bad news for Florida residents.

Jennifer Kay of the Associated press reports that two exotic termites in Florida have found love. The Asian termite and the Formosan termite, both recent residents to the Sunshine State, have begun to mate. The article references a study published in PLOS ONE by University of Florida researcher Thomas Chouvenc, who found these termites mating in downtown Fort Lauderdale and cohabitating in other places, including his backyard.

What makes this article most disturbing is not that these two termites are the most voracious of all home eating termites, but that the "hybrid" colony researchers studied in their lab grew faster than either of the two original species. If these hybrid colonies exist in the "wild" Florida residents are in trouble.

Researchers hold out hope that the offspring produced by these termite species will be sterile, much in the way a mule is unable to reproduce. Though a horse can mate with a donkey and produce a mule, mules cannot produce other mules. If this is the case with this new hybrid termite, it would significantly slow the spread.

It is left to be seen whether or not Asian and Formosan termites will continue this hybrid colony trend, but it has never been more important to get termite protection for your Florida home. This is an insect that can produce millions of offspring and silently infest a home for years, without detection. Both of these termite species eat wood twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and are responsible for $40 billion a year in damages worldwide.

If you live in McCall's coverage area, give us a call. With our $1 million termite damage warranty for qualified homes, you know your home will be protected from termites that call our region home. It is never a good idea to go without termite protection, especially if you live in Florida. Now, with this new danger on the horizon, it is even more imperative.


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