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mosquito biting a person in florida

Florida Pest Control Pros Offer 7 Ways To Control Mosquitoes

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With a preference for blonds or people wearing darker clothing, mosquitoes can really create quite a nuisance for some, especially at outdoor gatherings. Whereas bats, frogs and other insects tend to enjoy close proximity to mosquitoes, the rest of us have no need to be up close and personal with these biting pests.  

So, to assist those living in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Tampa and other communities in Northern Florida, here are 7 ways in which you can make your property less appealing to mosquitoes:

  1. Fill in holes around your property that tend to fill up with water

  2. Clear debris from gutters

  3. Make sure ditches are flowing with water and not stagnant

  4. Empty out all objects that collect water such as toys, cans, and plant pots

  5. Change the water in bird baths and kiddie pools regularly

  6. Check to see if your local pest control company offers mosquito control services

  7. Keep windows and doors shut or covered with screens free of rips and tears

Following the mosquito prevention tips highlighted you can deter mosquito activity in and around your home.  Also try to avoid being outside during peak mosquito hours which are dawn and dusk and always keep insect repellent on hand to avoid mosquito bites.  

For residents in McCall Service’s Northern Florida service area, we offer mosquito remediation services which will not only control the current mosquito populations but prevent future infestations as well. Contact us at McCall Service for effective mosquito treatments so you can have a happy, mosquito free summer!

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