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Dog scratching at fleas

Flea Prevention Tips

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If you’re a pet owner, you’ve probably already encountered fleas a time or two. Man’s best friend and their feline pals love to be outside, whether they’re exploring, playing ball or just sun bathing, but unfortunately when enjoying the great outdoors they often encounter and carry home fleas. So how do you reduce the chances of a flea infestation without getting rid of the pets? Here at McCall Service, we have a few thoughts on the subject.

Flea Prevention Tips

  • Keep your pets up to date on their flea treatments and if they aren’t already on one, talk with your vet about a flea preventative.

  • Vacuum the home often; especially areas where Fido and Fluffy tend to hang out.

  • Check pets for fleas after they’ve been outside.

  • Change pet beds routinely and to avoid flea bites on other family members (the human ones to be more specific), don’t let pets sleep on beds. If that’s not an option, then we recommend changing your bedding often.

If it’s too late and you’ve already discovered fleas and/or flea bites or your pets simply won’t stop scratching, contact McCall Service today. We offer effective flea control in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Tampa, Tallahassee and Ocala as well as throughout Northern Florida that is designed to get rid of fleas (and other pests) so that you don’t have to get rid of your four legged family members.

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