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what kills bed bugs in florida

Fire And Ice: What Kills Bed Bugs?

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Bed bugs are blood sucking insects that are nocturnal; they hide during the day and come out at night to feed on the blood of unsuspecting folks sleeping in their beds. It sounds like the kind of thing nightmares are made of, but luckily for humans, these bugs are mostly just nuisance pests and they are not known to transmit any diseases. But nuisance pest or not, the anxiety that can be caused by these pests is significant. That’s why folks in the pest control industry have been searching for all the ways in which these pests can be eradicated.


Treatment for bed bugs has changed many times over the years. The Greeks and Romans actually believed that bed bugs could cure many diseases, so they were ingested and no treatment was sought. In 400 BC, early Greek philosophers believed that hanging the feet of a hare or stag at the end of the bed could deter bed bugs, along with a vessel of cold water under the bed. Other bed bug treatments have come and gone, with none being foolproof and remaining legal. One option that some pest control companies have turned to recently is freezing bed bugs. It has been thought that freezing bed bugs as a bed bug treatment was effective, but recently researchers found the blood-suckers have a very high tolerance for the cold. To live in cold environments, bed bugs will lower the freezing point of their bodily fluids. It takes over 80 hours at 3.2°F to kill 100% of bed bugs in all life stages. Using freezing as an effective bed bug treatment option is not only time consuming, but not practical for most bed bug control professionals.


At McCall Service, our most effective bed bug treatment is the bed bug heat treatment. This option eliminates all stages of bed bug life in a short period of time and can be 100% successful, especially when combined with residual insecticides, bed bug proof mattress/box spring encasements and a 30 Day Chemical Re-Treatment Guarantee. If you have a problem with bed bugs, Florida residents know that McCall Service is the best in eliminating bed bugs from your home. Don’t attempt DIY bed bug treatments, because these are not effective and can often be dangerous to your health or your home. Do not throw away all your infested belongings either; bed bugs could be hiding all over your home, not just inside mattresses or upholstered furniture. To eliminate bed bugs safely, forget about hanging animal feet at the end of the bed; contact the Florida pest control pros at McCall and you will finally be able to sleep tight, without those bed bugs biting!

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