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dangers of brown recluse spiders in florida

Polk County Man Dies After Brown Recluse Spider Bite

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Ok, not to alarm the entire state of Florida here but we did think it was important to share the latest story on the rare but potentially fatal brown recluse spider. A man from Polk county was bit by a brown recluse spider while doing some home renovations in August of 2013. After months of being in and out of the hospital, he did pass away on February 16 of 2014. The brown recluse spider bit him on the back of his neck which resulted in the fatal deterioration of his vertebrate.


Before panic sets in, here are some important things to know about brown recluse spiders in Florida and all across the country.


  • Brown recluse bites are very rare. Since 2002, only 2 fatalities have been reported from the brown recluse.

  • These spiders are very reclusive, they don’t want to be near us.

  • Only if they are accidentally handled or feel threatened do they bite.

  • It is not the venom itself that causes the harmful side effects, but rather the person’s allergic reaction to the venom.

  • Many people who are bit by the brown recluse or other poisonous spiders can heal after seeking medical treatments.

  • Young children and the elderly are more at risk for more severe reactions to poisonous spider bites, just as they are more susceptible to more severe reactions to the common flu.


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