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Packing Up Holiday Decorations

FAQs For Safely Storing Your Holiday Decorations

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When we take out our decorations it’s usually an enjoyable process that involves a trip down memory lane for each special ornament. There are many family memories attached to our holiday decor, which makes it valuable and priceless. But often times when we go to pack up the ornaments after the holiday season, we are not as careful about how and where we store these little treasures. Without even knowing it, your ornaments while in storage could be attracting pests such as spiders and even mice!

Maybe you found evidence of such pests while you were unpacking the decorations this year. Spider webs, mouse droppings, gnaw marks, bugs; these are all signs that your decorations were not the only thing in boxes while in storage. If this was the case, then hopefully you contacted our team of FL pest control pros to quickly and safely get rid of your holiday pest concerns.

To help Northern Florida residents properly pack up after the holiday season this year, we would like to answer some of the most common questions when it comes to packing decorations in a safe and pest free manner.

How can I keep pests out of my artificial tree?

It may not be a real tree, but it still makes a great hiding place for critters. And especially if the lights are attached, you want to watch out for insects hanging out among the branches and rodents gnawing on the electrical equipment. The biggest mistake many people make is continuing to use to original cardboard box that most artificial trees come in. Mice can chew through cardboard almost effortlessly and insects are pros at finding openings so the tree is not as safe in a box as it would be in an artificial tree storage bag.

What is the safest way to pack up ornaments?

First, when you take ornaments down from the tree it is a good idea to inspect each one for any signs of pests. It is best to start the storage process pest free! Any ornaments that are broken or made of food ingredients should be thrown away. Place the decorations in an ornament storage container so they are not damaged while not in use.

Where do I store my holiday decorations so pests can’t get to them?

The attic, garage and basement are all common places to keep Christmas decorations and these locations are fine, as long as you are keeping an eye out for pests. And for added protection, ditch the cardboard boxes and replace them with durable plastic totes that have tight closing lids. This will ensure that pests stay out and will also protect your valuables from moisture, which can cause mold and mildew growth. We know the climate down here is conducive to that!

For more information on the safe storage of your holiday decorations, how to pest proof your home or for help with a pest problem, please contact McCall Service! We provide extensive pest control services in Tampa, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Gainesville and Ocala as well as throughout our Northern Florida service area. No matter what time of the year, at McCall Service we are ready to help you protect your home and family from insects, rodents and wildlife and the problems they cause.

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