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fertilizer being applied in the fall

Fall Lawn Care Tips

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In Florida, lawn care is a year-round job for homeowners, but it is important to remember that with each new season there are unique needs that must be met to ensure a healthy lawn. The professionals at McCall Service want to provide you with some information about fall lawn care in Florida and help you to make sure that your lawn remains lush, healthy and the envy of your neighbors this fall and for the rest of the year as well!

After a long summer of sun and heat, your lawn may start to look a bit under the weather in the fall - instead of green it can look yellowish-brown in color and have bare spots. Also, because your lawn is not at its healthiest, weeds will sense its vulnerability and invade your lawn- taking away even more of your lawn’s nutrients. Fall is the perfect season to correct these things and help your lawn to become strong and healthy for the upcoming winter months.

Fall Lawn Care Tips Include:

  • Use a fertilizer (slow release preferably) that has been developed specifically for your lawn; doing this will help to feed your lawn and replenish its nutrients.

  • Along with fertilizing your lawn, introduce a weed control product in order to get rid of and control problem weeds.

  • In the fall it is important to rake your lawn to remove any leaves and branches that have fallen during the summer months and to remove grass clipping build-up. Cleaning up your lawn will allow water to get into the soil more easily, allowing the roots of the grass to have easy access to water.

  • When mowing your lawn make sure to keep the lawnmower blade at a “normal” height; don’t cut your lawn too short, while this may make time between mowing a bit longer, it is not worth the damage it will do to your lawn.

  • Fall is also the perfect time of year to plant new grass seed and fix any bare spots in your lawn. Installation of new turf is best done in the fall, too.

At McCall, we understand just how much goes into maintaining a healthy lawn, that year-round lawn care is not everyone’s cup of tea; that’s why we are here! At McCall Services, our professionals can provide you with affordable year-round lawn care services to keep your lawn looking its best, all while giving you more time to enjoy it!

For more information about our year-round lawn care services and how bundling them with our other services including pest, termite, or mosquito control will give you even more peace of mind and save you money, contact us today!

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