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Earwigs Are Not Just A Nuisance Pest

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Today you discovered that there seems to be some earwigs living on your deck. These creatures are not really something you have ever given much thought to; well, at least until they started dropping out from beneath that planted pot you were bringing inside for the winter. And, there wasn’t just one or two of them, but dozens! Now that they’ve caught your attention, you are certain that there must be billions of them crawling all over! They are so creepy looking with those huge pinchers hanging off the end of them. Almost prehistoric, you think as you try to decide what to do with the big mess you created when you dropped that plant pot in your panic. As you look around you realize that the ‘billions’ you saw have quickly vanished; but where did they go? All of a sudden you feel as if they are crawling up your back, and you run for cover brushing at your skin every step of the way.

What is the 411 on these little pests anyway? Earwigs are small reddish/brown insects that have ‘pinchers’ that protrude from the end of their abdomen. These pinchers, or cerci, are basically used to grab and hold food. They do not typically “bite”, but they will pinch you with their cerci if they feel threatened. The pinch can be painful, but it rarely breaks human skin. They do not carry diseases or transport germs from place to place.

Earwigs are shy creatures and quickly run away when they are discovered. They prefer dark, moist undisturbed places close to dirt so they can easily find organic matter, which is their main food source while avoiding sunlight which they cannot tolerate for long. These reasons are why you often find them in your garage, shed, basement, bathroom, or kitchen.

The biggest danger from earwigs is the fact that they damage or destroy gardens, ornamental shrubs and trees, flower beds, and some crops. They are particularly fond of corn. The time and money you will have to spend to recover from these earwig damages can quickly add up.

There are a few steps you can take to help avoid earwigs in your home. They include:

  • Sealing cracks and crevices in your foundation.

  • Caulking gaps around windows and doors.

  • Making sure screens are intact and fit properly.

  • Removing mulch and landscaping away from the base of your foundation.

If you discover that, despite your best efforts, earwigs have set up shop on your property or in your home, give us a call. Here at McCall Service we have been serving our community since 1928. That’s a whole lot of time to get really good at what we do – eliminate pests! Our highly trained professionals will respond quickly to your situation, and safely and effectively eliminate these pests from your environment. When you are fighting a battle with earwigs, or any other pest, give McCall a call. You will be so thankful that you did!

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