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earwig crawling on rock

Earwig Q&A

In: Home Pest Control

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This is an insect that has garnered a lot of bad press through the centuries. We're not sure why. It might be the scary pincers that look like they could claw into you or the dark shiny skin that make it look slippery enough to slide right into your ear. But, there are a few things we know for sure about these freaky looking bugs. Take a look at the questions below and see if your question is in our list.

"Do earwigs climb in your ear and lay eggs?"

This is a myth that dates back quite a ways, and there is much debate on where this rumor came from. Can an earwig climb into your ear? Yes. But it isn't inclined to do so. Nor is it inclined to lay eggs in a location that will have no food for the babies that will hatch. There is nothing in your ear canal that is of particular interest to an earwig. So, you're probably fine.

"Do earwigs bite?"

Yes. But not bad. Those fierce looking forceps on their abdomens are quite weak. The most you'll get is a little pinch. It is hardly anything to worry about.

"Are earwigs poisonous?"

No. These creatures may look scary, but they aren't. Earwigs are not a predatory insect. Though they do eat some insects as part of their diet, the insects they eat rarely put up a fight.

"Do earwigs fly?"

Some do. Most specifically, the earwigs you have in your basement probably do. After all, those are the ones you're worried about, right? You don't care if some rare African species has the ability to fly. You don't live in Africa. The good news is, the earwigs you're likely to find around your home are horrible fliers and don't generally do any flying at all. When they do, it is only in short bursts.

"Why do I have earwigs in my basement?"

Probably because it is moist down there. Earwigs are attracted to areas that are moist. If you're curious how they got in, there is a good chance you have a crack, rotted hole, or damaged door sweep that let those insects in.

"Where do earwigs live?"

These insects can be found living in soil. But, during the day, they will hide under organic material like leaves and mulch. They are also fond of taking refuge under anything that will make your grass rot, like construction materials, toys, bricks, tarps and such.

"How do I get rid of earwigs?"

There is no quick fix for this pest. If you want to keep earwigs out of your home you need someone who knows how and why these insects are coming in and what is needed to seal them out.

It is never fun having earwigs in your house. If you need help with this or a host of other pests, give McCall a call. Keeping pests out of homes is what we do.

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