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bed bug on mattress

Don't Throw Away Your Bed Because Of Bed Bugs

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‘Bed bug’ is a horrible name. Honestly. The scientific name Cimex lectularius offers a little more insight into these bugs, in that lectularius means bed or couch, but even this fails to help us understand where these bugs live or how they spread. Hopefully, we can shed some light on this invasive blood-eating bug and give you some actionable advice to properly respond to an infestation.


Let's cover the most important one first: If you find bed bugs in your house, you don't have to throw out your beds. Bed bugs can live inside mattresses, box springs, couches, chairs, cabinets, baseboards, outlets, computers, alarm clocks, wall voids, and more. Throwing out your beds--or any other furniture for that matter--will not likely fix your problem.

You may have heard that mattress encasements are available to prevent bugs from getting out of a mattress, thus starving them. While this is true, you should also be aware that all it takes is a single female bed bug or a batch of unattended eggs to create a bed bug infestation. If you have bugs living in your mattresses, it is likely you have bed bug eggs somewhere else in your home.

You might do a search on the internet and find out that heat can destroy these bugs. We recommend that you search for bed bugs and house fires. The sad reality is that many homeowners have purchased or rented expensive equipment and accidentally burned their homes to the ground. There are also a vast number of others who have spent time and money in killing bed bugs with heat, only to have them return in a few short months because they did not have the proper knowledge to keep these bugs from hiding and returning.


Call a professional immediately. A professional will know how to properly inspect your home and locate all areas of infestation. At McCall Service, we even employ bed bug sniffing dogs to get a clear understanding of where the bugs are located. This helps us to corral these bugs and keep them from escaping to infest your home another day.

A professional will have advanced heating units with temperature regulators and individual heat sensors that can be put around your home to make sure the temperature stays in the safe zone. Educated professionals will also know what items are safe to keep in the home and how to secure items from being blown around by the large circulation fans that are used during a heat treatment.

A professional will also know where to apply chemicals. If you've never seen a bed bug trying to run from a heat treatment, it is a scary thing. These bugs can really move when they want to. That is why it is important to know where they are and how to fence them in.

Most importantly, a professional knows what measures are needed for the level of your infestation. Often, if bed bugs are caught early, your technician can remove them discreetly.

If you're fighting bed bugs, call McCall. We offer effective solutions for bed bug infestation of any size.

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