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jacksonville restaurant infested with flies

Don’t Let Pests Shut Your Jacksonville Business Down!

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Did you know that the appearance of even a sign of pests in your business could lead to it being shut down and leave you dealing with clean-up costs and loss of income? What may seem like a small nuisance in your home can have huge repercussions in your business setting.

Early in July of this year two restaurants in the Jacksonville area found out the hard way that a very small problem can become one huge headache. In the first case, rodent droppings were found in no less than thirteen different sites throughout the kitchen and storage areas of a local restaurant. Although no rodents were sighted, it was clearly evident that they were there – or at least had been visiting! The establishment had to shut down - fortunately for only a day - while cleanup and extermination services occurred. Can your business afford to close – even for only a day?

In the second case, a local restaurant was shut down after an inspector found 8 live roaches on a fire extinguisher by the front counter. Again, the shut down only lasted one day, but this restaurant had experienced another shut-down earlier in the month when roach excrement was found on cabinets and 15 live roaches were found in the kitchen – And this business had been using a national pest control company!! Obviously whatever was being done was not effective!

Who knew such little pests could cause so much stress? After all, it’s not just the loss of one day’s income and the clean-up that becomes the issue when your business is not adequately protected from these pests, but the damage to your reputation in cases like this is an even bigger hit to your bottom line. I don’t know about you, but when I hear of accounts of pests - especially in a restaurant – I steer clear and for a good long time. Ewww rats or roaches or even ants crawling around on the prep tables or on the food that I might consume! I don’t think so! There have even been a few occasions where I have decided to never visit that business again! Once your reputation has been damaged, it is so very difficult to rebuild it – especially when dealing with the general public.

This highlights the need for a local, family-owned pest control company like McCall. Because we live and work where you do, we can fully understand the pests that you are dealing with! Our technicians are fully trained through special industry and government courses, and our local on-staff entomologists have the expertise to be trusted with your local pest control issues. McCall has been serving your neighborhood since 1928. That’s nearly 90 years of working with and understanding the local pest population! Why trust your business to anything less?

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