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Don't Let Dandelions Take Over Your FL Lawn

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To some they are pretty yellow flowers, to others they are pesky yellow weeds. Dandelions take over many lawns each year and cause a major headache for Florida homeowners who are trying to maintain a lawn with healthy grass and no weeds. In order to help those in Gainesville, Jacksonville, and Tampa control the dandelions on their lawns, here are some tips from experts in lawn care at McCall Service:

  • If there are just a few dandelions popping up you can probably just weed them out with your hands. Dig down to make sure you are pulling up the entire root. Just pulling the stem will not solve your dandelion problem.

  • Do not let the yellow flowers turn into seedy puff balls that were fun as kids to blow around. At the very least if you do not dig out the weed at least pick off the head of the flower so that it does not have a chance to become a puff ball.

  • Mow your lawn on a regular basis but on a higher setting so you will be able to control the spread and growth of dandelions. The mower will chop off any flowers and by keeping the grass at a higher level, the shade of the grass will inhibit the growth of more dandelions since they require full sunlight to thrive.

  • You can spread corn gluten across your lawn to prevent the growth of new dandelions. This is a great, all natural method of prevention although it does need to be reapplied each month and it does not kill existing dandelions.

By following these dandelion control tips you will hopefully not have to worry about a major spread of dandelions this spring and summer. But since the seeds of these weeds can travel quite a distance in the wind, it is possible that your lawn could become infested at any moment. You must be on the look out and stop dandelions before they become a bigger issue.

If this is all sounding like more work than you want to take on with your lawn care this year, no worries! The FL lawn care pros at McCall Service can help you to control weeds from taking over your lawn in Northern Florida. With the trusted lawn care services at McCall all you will have to worry about is sitting back to enjoy your weed free lawn this summer. Contact us today for more information on what lawn care services could help you.

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