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Picking Weeds In FL Grass

Don't Forget: FL Lawn Care Is A Year-Round Process

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While much of the northeast is experiencing freezing temperatures, wind chills, and even piles of snow, those of us in Florida are enjoying much more mild temperatures! But even when it feels a little chilly out there during our Florida version of a winter, it is important to keep in mind that lawn care is a year round process. We don’t have the snowfall and severe ice coverage to get in the way of lawn care which means that outdoor property maintenance awaits us no matter what the season!


Frost, heavy rain and lawn pests are still a part of the winter season in Northern Florida. This causes a lot of extra wear and tear on our grass, plants and overall landscape. If you let your lawn succumb to the winter with little to no maintenance then there could be permanent damage down the line. Think brown patches on the grass, dead plants, insects and weeds taking over. To shed some light on some of the ways to care for your lawn through the winter, the FL lawn care pros at McCall Service have a few tips:

  • If there is a lack of moisture including insufficient rain, you will need to continue watering your lawn and landscape. But keep in mind that on the flip side, an abundance of rain plus your own watering can lead to over-watering which can be just as damaging.

  • Continue to inspect for lawn pests such as chinch bugs and other turf grass pests.

  • Continuous weed control to prevent and stop the spread of weeds.

  • If you are living in an area with a lot of frost or even ice, you may want to consider covering your trees with tree bags to protect them from frost but still allow sunlight to penetrate.

If you are not prepared or simply don’t have the time and energy to keep up with your lawn care needs (and let’s face it, free time is not easy to come by), simply contact McCall Service. We provide lawn care treatments and solutions throughout Northern Florida including Gainesville, Jacksonville, Ocala, Tallahassee, and Tampa. Our lawn care programs are designed to create long lasting and vibrant landscapes throughout the entire year. So before you put a halt to your winter lawn care services, call McCall, we do it all!

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