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Bed Bugs Are Often Found In Suitcases After Vacation

Don't Bring Bed Bugs Back From Winter Break

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As winter break ends, thousands of college students will travel back to their college dorm rooms in Tampa, Jacksonville, or other Northern Florida campuses. Many will bring back new clothes and school supplies from Christmas, but don’t ruin the hype of the new semester by bringing bed bugs back to the dorm in your luggage or on your clothing. Traveling is the number one way to spread a bed bug infestation. Make sure that you are familiar with how to inspect for and protect yourself from bringing bed bugs back for the spring semester.

History of Bed Bugs 101

Bed bugs have been on the rise and are causing cities, towns, homes, and businesses all over the country major infestation problems. These pests are not a new to the area, and in fact were a major nuisance before World War II. After the widespread use of certain pesticides in the United States, bed bugs were dormant for many years. However, since the use of pesticides has been highly regulated and even banned in areas, bed bugs are making a come back. Because other areas in the world always had bed bugs, it was only a matter of time and travel for the pests to make their way back into homes, hotels, and businesses all over the country.

How to Inspect For Bed Bugs

Due to the large number of people, dorm rooms serve as a high risk for bed bug infestations just like hotels. Bed bugs will live in mattresses, headboards, upholstered furniture, and in many other dark, hidden places. They will find their way into your luggage to hitch a ride during your travels. It is very important to thoroughly inspect the rooms you stay in for any signs of bed bugs.  Inspection of a hotel or dorm room must be thorough. Although adult bed bugs are spotted by the human eye, it takes a much closer look to find the other signs of an infestation. Keep your luggage outside of the room until you have inspected it. Once in the room, keep your clothing and other belongings off of the floor to be safe. Use the steps below to check on and around mattresses. Since bed bugs are night pests, use a flashlight while inspecting the dark places of rooms:

  1. Check for any dark spots which are the excrement of bed bugs feeding on human blood.

  2. Look for any light brown skins that bed bugs shed as they grow.

  3. Also look for live bugs themselves which will be different sizes depending on the life stage.

If you do find any signs of bed bugs inhabiting your living quarters, it is important to contact campus authorities immediately. Bed bugs are not a fix it yourself solution since they are such a large issue these days, and will require professional remediation. McCall Service, a local Florida pest control company serving Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Tallahassee as well as Ocala and Northern Florida, has the professional expertise to solve any bed bug issues and stands ready to help you with effective bed bug control services.  Call us today, or contact us online to find out how we can help you solve your pest problems.

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