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Do You Have Roaches In Tampa?

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There has never been a question of whether cockroaches reside in Tampa. Roaches can be found anywhere humans live. While there are many species, the more common cockroaches in the Tampa area are the American roach, German roach, and Oriental roach.

A cockroach will move about relentlessly in search of food and water. The job of foraging for food is an easy task, as they will eat anything from edible human food to garbage in dumpsters and trashcans. Cockroaches live in sewer pipes, culverts and anywhere that decaying matter can be found.

Just one cockroach scurrying across a homeowner’s kitchen floor or countertop is enough to cause a feeling of dread. These bugs are repulsive and will contaminate tables, countertops, dishes, food products and anything else in which they come in contact. Roaches are also transmitters of bacteria, parasitic worms and human pathogens. The multiple kinds of bacteria and parasitic worms not only contaminate and waste food products; they create a great risk to the health of humans.

The famous idiom of Benjamin Franklin comes to mind that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We would agree with Mr. Franklin and have outlined how to keep these pests out of your home.

  • Inspect your home for any cracks or openings and seal with silicon caulking. Seal around all utility lines and pipes, air conditioning units and window frames. Replace any screens that have even the slightest tear or hole. Place new door sweeps under all entry doors.

  • Take a moment while unpacking groceries to ensure that no roaches are hiding in fruit or any other food items. Often, cockroaches are transported into the home via grocery bags and boxes.

  • Be sure to wash floors and countertops thoroughly. Cockroaches, in addition to eating rotting organic material, have a tremendous affinity to sweets. Sugary foods serve as a magnet to these nasty creatures. All it takes is a few grains of sugar or a few drops of sweet juice to provide a feast for roaches. Cleanliness is a must for cockroach control. Never leave any leftover food out—seal all foods in pest-proof containers.

  • Put away all food items and clean all surfaces with an antibacterial cleaning agent prior to retiring for the evening. You see, roaches are somewhat nocturnal and enjoy the protection of the dark of the night.

  • Check all water lines and faucets for leaks and repair accordingly. Like all pests, cockroaches also need a water source for survival.

So even though roaches reside in Tampa, you don’t have to make your home welcoming to these pests. Following these prevention tips will greatly reduce your chance of a roach infestation and should you find yourself face to face with a roach (or several), call McCall Service for pest control.

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