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Do You Have Bed Bugs? 4 Odd Places They Live

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Bed bugs are a nightmare. They crawl out of their hiding places at night and eat their full from you while you sleep. Feasting multiple times before you wake. You'll often see bite marks in a line or a cluster. Some jokingly refer to these patterns as breakfast, lunch, and supper. But being feasted on while you sleep is no joking matter.

So have you detected bud bugs in your house? Have you taken measures to handle the problem yourself? Some do. But it is hard, isn't it? That's because bed bugs hide in some odd and unexpected places. Most people think that, because they are called bed bugs, they only live in your bed. Now, it's true, bed bugs love the corners and edges of box springs, and burrowing into the cracks on headboards, but the truth is, they like to hang out in lots of strange places. Here are a few you probably wouldn't expect.

  • Inside light switches and electrical boxes.

  • Ceiling molding and baseboards.

  • Picture frames.

  • Behind wallpaper.

  • Under flooring

  • Inside computers.

  • Pants and shirt seams

  • In phones. Yup. You heard me.

  • And, in the fabric of chairs and couches.

Besides being a good hider, bed bugs are also clever at escaping things that hurt heat. It takes a trained technician to properly circulate a temperature of 120F through an entire house, without damaging your valuables, and in a way that keeps the bed bugs from evading the treatment. A direct and limited use of pesticides or steam is needed to get known areas where bugs could avoid the heat.

Bed bugs can turn your house upside down, and cause loss of sleep for the whole family. If you live in, or around, the Tampa area, call McCall Service. We have the gear and experience to get rid of these blood eaters, and help you safeguard your home and your valuables. Don't risk your house to fire, and your family to continued affliction, by trying do-it-yourself methods. Call and find out about our 100% effective bed bug heat treatments, and set your mind at ease.

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